A proliferation of challenges requires executives to bring more expertise to the table.

Thirsty for insight, executives look for scalable ways to connect with each other in a human way – to genuinely talk about what is working and what is not. They look for those who have the same responsibilities and reporting relationships in similarly-sized organizations because these are their fellow travelers who feel their same pressures and challenges. Executives prize the understanding that comes from sharing war stories, observations and advice. At the same time, they value advisors for the independence and perspective they bring and know that together these two groups can form an ecosystem where best practices are cross-pollinated between high-performing companies.

Why Executives Choose to be Part of our Virtual Roundtables:

  1. To learn how others solve challenges similar to your own
  2. To benchmark what you are doing against your peers experience
  3. To be in a community of true peers (no delegates)
  4. To hear from peers in other industries
  5. To work through an agenda set by the participants’ interests
  6. To connect in a time-efficient format (1 hour conference call, dial in from anywhere)
  7. To find just-in-time answers to questions (calls are quarterly)
  8. To save on travel
  9. To avoid expensive membership fees (participation is free)

Why Teams Choose to Build Communities:

  1. To engage with those they most want to serve
  2. To add value to that community
  3. To learn in a way that enables teams to craft service offerings that reflect the voice of the client
  4. To build a brand presence in a specific industry, geography or functional space
  5. To demonstrate expertise and domain leadership
  6. To create useful, timely and relevant content
  7. To show a target group of executives a team’s commitment to serve
  8. To stay proximate to clients and their needs
  9. To earn the right to engage further
  10. To amplify your reach by scaling your best peoples’ time

Read how we think communities can create value in our new book:

How Clients Buy
“A terrific resource for anyone looking to build a successful client service business. McMakin and Fletcher are spot on citing quality and trust as cornerstones.”
— Lynne Doughtie, U.S. Chairman and CEO, KPMG
“Tom and Doug offer well-grounded, practical advice on how to enhance business building, the most important skill any business, large or small, must tackle to grow and prosper. They take an “outside in” (client perspective) view and offer important personal guidance on how to be an effective “grinder, minder, and a finder.” Their book is fun, easy to read, and well worth the time invested.”
— Gary Singer, CMO, A.T. Kearney
“How Clients Buy provides essential advice to professionals who have to step up from delivering services to selling them.”
— Ford Harding, Author, Rainmaking