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As travel restrictions for meetings and conferences have forced companies to cancel or pause in-person interactions, PIE has been stepping in to assist a number of large professional services firms and F500 companies with virtual alternatives to ensure they stay connected to those they wish to serve.

For nearly 20 years, PIE has been helping professional services firms develop and deepen C-suite relationships via virtual communities and conversations. PlE’s core capabilities include: driving C-level attendance to virtual and in-person events; developing content in partnership with clients for deep, engaging virtual discussions among C-level executives through 1:1 interview and surveys; professionally facilitating virtual discussions (via teleconference or video-conference), making each executive attendee feel engaged and inspired; enabling our partners to best connect with clients via virtual facilitation training.

Sample Program Options

Virtual Roundtables

  • PIE surrounds you and your leadership with your hand-selected target audience by convening a community of clients and potential clients on your behalf.
  • Handpick your target list and PIE takes care of the rest. PIE recruits executive participants; interviews executives to uncover unmet needs; briefs your stakeholders; and facilitates rich, productive, virtual conversation.
  • Your practice leads and experts host the network and are positioned as trusted advisors among the group, earning the right for further conversations over ti me.

Virtual Panel Discussions

  • PIE interviews a select group of panelists in preparation for an expert dialogue in front of an audience through a telephone or video conference. PIE can help identify panelists based on topics/themes as needed.
  • PIE polls potential attendees and interviews executives to curate the discussion.
  • PIE facilitates the panel based on interview feedback and your top questions.

Virtual Client Discussions

  • In lieu of meeting your biggest clients at a summit and taking them out for drinks or dinner, PIE facilitates conversations between key relationship holders and executives.
  • Upon request, PIE will send a bottle of wine to attendees in advance to sweeten the conversation and toast to the convenience of a virtual “dinner/happy hour” discussion.

Regional Simulcast

  • Virtually position one of your leaders or experts (or a panel of experts) in front of groups of executives or your own team members in various regional locations.
  • PIE coordinates the logistics, facilitates the discussion, and interviews executives prior to the simulcast.

Digital Summit

  • Invite a Keynote speaker (e.g., one of your subject matter experts or practice leaders, celebrity, POV expert, professor, use-case presenter) to welcome a large group.
  • PIE facilitates video breakout sessions with smaller cohorts of virtual attendees.
  • Keynote has ability to jump in and out of cohort sessions (Zoom rooms).
  • PIE manages full group Q&A based on breakout sessions.
  • PlE showcases Keynote during conclusion.
  • PIE can help recruit attendees to the digital summit as needed.

For more information:

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