Point of View – PIE | Profitable Ideas Exchange

A proliferation of challenges requires executives to bring more expertise to the table.

Thirsty for insight, executives look for scalable ways to connect with each other in a human way – to genuinely talk about what is working and what is not.

Why Executives Choose to be Part of our Virtual Roundtables:

  1. True peer-driven conversations
  2. Focused agenda created through executive input
  3. Benchmarking and problem-solving with peers
  4. Access to cross-industry perspectives
  5. Time-efficient and cost-effective one hour virtual conversations
  6. No travel required
  7. Private platform for candid conversations around shared challenges
  8. Just-in-time answers to questions through regular peer touchpoints
  9. No membership fees
  10. Flexibility (executives join calls that work well with their schedule)

Why Our Clients Choose to Build Communities:

  1. Engage with those they most want to serve
  2. Gather market insight
  3. Craft service offerings that reflect the voice of the client
  4. Add value to current and prospective clients
  5. Build a focused brand presence in target markets
  6. Demonstrate expertise and domain leadership
  7. Create useful, timely and relevant content
  8. Stay proximate to clients and their needs
  9. Earn the right to engage further
  10. Amplify reach by scaling their best people and expertise