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A Practical Guide to the Biggest Opportunity in Business Development
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Never Say Sell is a sought-after sequel from readers of How Clients Buy, which dives into the secret of winning new work in professional services. Authors Tom McMakin and Jacob Parks realized there was a follow-up query to How Clients Buy that needed to be untangled. Professional services firms report 80% – 90% of year-over-year revenue growth comes from expanded work with current clients, rather than net new logos. So, the question then is how do you grow work within existing clients?

You can deliver exceptional services and have a long record of high ROI performance with a client and still not grow within the client organically. Why is that? Never Say Sell maps the caveats of the why, and then launches from there into a practical guide on the how. This practical guide is tested and validated by the author’s combined 50+ years in the industry of assisting expert service firms in business development.

Those 50+ years of experience have unlocked an important mentality on selling in the professional services industry, which is that you should not actually be selling at all – if you are doing it right.

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