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Interested in revenue growth from new clients? Looking for a way to stay close to your target audience? Partner with PIE to build a virtual executive community of your ideal buyers.

Working with you, we identify the type of organizations where you have the best case studies, expertise, and a right to win new work. Then we do the rest. We recruit your wish list of executives to the peer community, gather their insights and priorities during 1:1 interviews, develop agendas, and facilitate generative conversations. As the host of the group, and sole sponsor, you have a front-row seat to your would-be clients’ biggest challenges while building long-term trust and credibility with them.

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Why You Should Host an Executive Community

stay Proximate and Connected to the people who matter most


  • Get to know your most likely buyers by name. You handpick who you want to get close to.
  • Add value to your likely buyers in advance of a sale.
  • Demonstrate your expertise: don’t just tout it.
  • Build your practice’s brand with the right group of likely buyers. All groups carry your name, i.e., the “ABC” Chief Information Officer Exchange
  • Participate in 1:1 interviews where you deepen relationships and learn your targets’ biggest challenges.
  • Earn the right to visit your targets and invite them to your in-person events.
  • Use PIE to schedule side meetings with other SMEs in your firm as appropriate.
  • Stay close to executives so you are top of mind when opportunity ripens.
  • Gain insight into rapidly changing markets.
  • No to-dos added to your list. PIE does everything—pushing new opportunities to you.
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  • New revenues. Our clients report an average of 6:1 direct ROI.
  • New substance-based relationships.
  • A reputation for holding the most important peer conversation in an industry.
  • A signal to an industry that their sector is a priority.
  • Brand building with the right buyers.
  • Market insight.
  • A chance to develop just-in-time and relevant thought leadership.
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PIE Powered Executive Communities

Examples of what PIE can build for you

Below are summaries of the industry-specific communities and conversations. 

Board Exchanges
Our team has stood up Board-focused communities spanning the F100, global enterprises, and nonprofit organizations. Executives participating in these communities have included titles such as Lead Director, Audit Chair, Executive Directors, and others. Recent conversations have centered on the opportunities and risks with generative AI, Board transition and education, and proxy season and the SEC. 
Compliance & Risk Exchanges
We have built and facilitated a variety of compliance and risk communities, with titles ranging from Chief Compliance & Risk Officers to Vice President of Risk and Director of Governance for Risk & Compliance. The company size represented in these communities ranges from mid-size Western-based US companies to F350 global organizations. Past focus areas for these conversations include compliance pressures from the Board and regulators, emerging ESG/sustainability compliance requirements, operational challenges, and opportunities with AI.
Strategy & Leadership Exchanges
In the strategy and leadership space, we have convened communities of F500 Chief Strategy Officers, both globally and in the US, Heads of Leadership Development, and several female leadership forums. Topics of discussion have included increasing female representation in STEM, and succession planning and leadership development.
Finance Exchanges
We have partnered with clients to convene communities of Chief Financial Officers, Internal Audit Directors, Heads of Revenue Insurance, Controllers, and Partners across the AmLaw 200, G100, F500 (Globally and in N. America), Russell 2000 and Private Equity industries. Communities discuss a range of topics, including optimizing costs amidst economic uncertainty, the impact of increasing rate pressures, and utilizing emerging technologies in forecasting and planning.
Tax Exchanges
Working across industries including Sovereign Wealth & Pension, Asset Management, Chemicals & Manufacturing, and many others, we have led conversations among Internal Audit Directors, Heads of Tax, Chief Tax Officers, Vice Presidents of Finance, and Heads of Tax Compliance. These communities have ranged from regionally focused to global F500 firms and have conversed about topics including but not limited to the impact of IRS funding on audit timelines, computing CAMT amidst uncertainty, leveraging technology for departmental efficiencies, and the tax implications of remote work.
Operations Exchanges
Convening operationally focused executive communities across the globe, our membership has ranged from Vice Presidents of Land and Chief Procurement Officers to Chief Operating Officers and Chief Supply Chain Officers. With size and scope spanning global F500 organizations to North American oil & gas companies, members have discussed driving sustainability in operations, building transparency across supply chains, leveraging technology for data collection and efficiency, and supply chain digitization.
Human Resources
Our consulting team has worked with our clients to scale a variety of Human Resources communities, including Chief HR Officers, Heads of Shared Services, Heads of Compensation & Benefits, Heads of Talent Management & Acquisition, and Vice Presidents of Human Resources. Spanning North America, Europe, and Global F1000, these communities have discussed the HR organizational structure, the HR Business Partner (HRBP) model, employee retention strategies, and return to office policies.
Digital Exchange
We have facilitated dozens of conversations among Heads of Digital and Heads of Digital Transformation in the North American, European, and Global F1000. Members have discussed a range of topics, including but not limited to engaging the C-suite on data strategy, operationalizing data, process automation, and deploying AI for scalability.
Technology Exchanges
Powering over a dozen technology communities across the legal, financial services, healthcare, automotive, and global F1000 sectors, member executives hold titles including Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Heads of Smart Grid & Electric Utility, and Chief Information Security Officer. Conversations have centered on use cases for generative AI, building technology resiliency, information governance, and data infrastructure.
Marketing, Sales, & Customer Experience Exchanges
With executive networks across the Chief Marketing Officer, Heads of Customer Experience, Heads of Sales Training, and Heads of Advertising function, our team has facilitated conversations on leveraging AI to improve the customer experience, building successful customer loyalty programs, effectively proving marketing value and ROI, and much more. Organization size and location has included mid-market professional services firms and banks in North America, F1000 global, APAC, retail & CPG, and several others.
Learning & Innovation Exchanges
From regionally focused Chief Innovation Officers to global F500 Heads of Innovation, our team has robust experience in driving generative conversations for learning and innovation communities. Recent conversations have focused on prioritizing and scaling AI deployments, use cases for generative AI, effectively training LLMs, and quality control within innovation initiatives.
Medical Exchanges
We have built and facilitated medical communities across the pharmaceutical, research & development, and biotech industries. With communities ranging from regional to global in scope, members have discussed a variety of topics, including clinical development strategies, modernization, enhancing data strategies, and best practices for engaging practitioners and patience.
Legal Exchanges
Our team has experience facilitating conversations for executives holding titles including General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Heads of Legal Operations, and others across the F500, globally and in North America. Conversation topics have included generative AI policies and risks, minimizing risk with the use of emerging technologies, effectively leveraging legal operations, and budget prioritization amidst economic uncertainty.
Non-Profit Exchanges
We have worked with local organizations and national non-profits alike to facilitate a variety of conversations. These roundtables have included a cross-industry community stakeholder discussion on affordable housing challenges, a conversation on resource allocation and donor engagement amongst a group of Heads of Fundraising, and a DEI roundtable of local employers.

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