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Deepen Client Engagement

Since 2001, we have been helping the world’s leading professional service firms expand relationships with key-decision makers. Our platforms foster connection, build trust and credibility, and position you with a right to win work, with new and existing clients. These opportunities include powered executive communities, in-person dinner events, advisory board management, summit and conference support, and developing thought leadership.

Accelerate Growth

PIE offers a variety of programs that help your team focus on the power of authentic relationships for unlocking growth. We are pleased to share our expertise with your team, equipping them to achieve growth goals. Our work in this arena includes business development training for leadership teams and rising stars, relationship action planning, keynote speaking, and auditing your current business development roadmap.

PIE Services

How can we help?

Based on the principles of How Clients Buy and Never Say Sell, our services help you build relationships and empower your leaders.


Executive Communities

PIE-powered executive peer networks establish an ongoing, facilitated dialogue amongst executives in the market you most want to serve. These increase brand awareness, improve understanding of your capabilities, give real-time market insight, and expand trust and credibility with desired decision-makers.

Advisory Boards

Advisory Board Management

Your voice of customer program should be centered around giving the customer a seat at the table. A PIE-managed advisory board creates an ongoing platform for your company’s most important clients to share insights and become your trusted advisors. We keep the next best action front and center so outcomes have meaningful impact.

Training Workshops

Business Development Training

Your best and brightest are not necessarily your strongest sellers. PIE offers workshops for key practice leads on how to best grow their business leads based on the idea that selling expertise is different than selling products. Firms use PIE to train next generation partners in how to systematically drive business development using reputation, relationships and referrals.

Business Development

Business Development Audits

PIE’s has been building business development programs on behalf of some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. A PIE-led business development audit provides an opportunity for your team to pause, reflect, and strategize. The result is a refreshed roadmap with buy-in from those who are executing the work.

Account Planning

Account Planning Training & Management

PIE offers account planning support for client teams, including interviewing clients and practice stakeholders, loss interviews and review, facilitation of account teams’ white space ideation, and analysis and strategic plan creation using PIE’s proprietary account planning tool, The Diamond of Opportunity, as described in the firm’s recent bestselling book on cross selling, Never Say Sell.


Executive Dinner Roundtables

PIE-facilitated dinner roundtables offer the opportunity to connect face-to-face for intimate, substantive discussion over the course of a few hours. We find that incorporating in-person dinner roundtables into your executive community creates deeper engagement.

Event Support

Live Event & Summit Support

Incorporating PIE’s expertise in advance and throughout a conference or summit will elevate the experience and ensure participant interests are the center of the event. Our approach not only ensures the content is relevant but also drives attendance, conference engagement, and ROI. You also have the benefit of additional on-site support from our professional team.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Creating timely and insightful thought leadership that drives content marketing is a challenge. To ensure the message resonates with your client base, PIE produces qualitative research by recruiting key executives to participate and interviewing them to drive insight-based research papers.
Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

We specialize in galvanizing around growth goals using examples and techniques drawn from consulting and professional services firms. Our keynote sessions are customized to deliver important insights and key learnings in the areas you desire the most. Invite us to speak before your partner group, high potential clients, or company offsite.

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Connecting Powerful Minds

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