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Social Responsibility

PIE is B-Corp Certified

What it means to be certified
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In 2022, we officially earned recognition as an organization committed to more than the bottom line. As a B Corp, PIE is legally responsible to ALL of its stakeholders, not just its shareholders. We are held to account based on our commitment to our employees, our community, our environment, and good governance practices both today in and in the future.

Company Stats

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Donations Made

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Commitment to Community

How PIE demonstrates social responsibility

Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities

In an effort to make an impact on our local community through action, PIE proudly sponsors ongoing volunteer opportunities.

  • Supporting operations at Fork & Spoon, a local pay-what-you-can restaurant
  • Sponsoring a section of Montana Highway, Lone Mountain Trail, removing litter several times a year
  • Blood Drives where blood products are used locally
  • Cleaning and maintaining Cancer Support Community grounds
  • Other local volunteer opportunities

Pro Bono & Discounted Work

  • Convene monthly a community roundtable with local and regional organizations focused on topics related to belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Partnered with Crosscut Mountain Sports to facilitate two internal roundtables, supporting their efforts to expand their DEI work.
  • Worked with OneValley to host and facilitate small, community-driven conversations about affordable housing  and facilitated a cross-sector conversation with government officials, developers, and local restaurant owners about challenges and potential solutions for affordable housing in the Gallatin Valley.

PIE is committed to Justice, Diversity, Equity & Belonging

Our JDEB (Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Belonging) Leadership Team drives towards creating a more equitable, more inclusive, more diverse, and more just PIE. We strive to create a feeling of belonging – a place where employees feel safe, welcome, and celebrated.

In support of PIE’s values and commitment to our strategic pillars, we strive to be the most exceptional and sought-after workplace, and a lever for good in the Gallatin Valley. JDEB initiatives and activities are spearheaded by PIE’s JDEB Leadership Team, which functions within our ESG organizational department to support PIE’s values and strategic plan through events and activities that keep our Packmates connected, engaged, and continually learning while increasing stakeholder value and impact.

Resources to consider

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission/EEOC


Justice is the decentering actions we take, investing our time, money, and energy into facing discomfort, learning about communities and peoples different than each of us, to cultivate a tolerant, unbiased, and empathetic workplace and community.


Diversity is the fundamental human attributes and experiences that make us each distinct and different among a group of people.


Equity is a commitment to justness; ensuring everyone is supported and has access to resources needed for success, recognizing each person’s experience and history might make those needs unique.


Belonging is the feeling of affinity, ownership, and safety in community, place, and conversation when we proactively create space for every person to express their most authentic self. Belonging happens when we cultivate an introspective and open-door environment, where we celebrate our humanity and welcome our differences.

Resources to consider

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission/EEOC

Land Acknowledgement

PIE’s Statement

Profitable Ideas Exchange acknowledges the historical context of the land we occupy. We live, work, and recreate on the unceded, traditional, ancestral land of more than five indigenous tribes—a widely known meeting and gathering place for Native people. We recognize the violence this land and its peoples endured and continue to endure. We celebrate that this land is still held in reverence. We acknowledge that this statement is a small part of the larger, ongoing work of fostering a true reconciliation in disrupting of the legacies of colonialism across Montana and the United States.

Find whose land you occupy here.

Our Action behind it

Each monthly company meeting, Packmates nominate one person to read our Land Acknowledgement as well as discuss actions around what they’ve done to learn more about Native communities in Montana and beyond.

Resources to consider