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Focused on the opportunity to grow existing clients? Interested in account planning best practices? Ready to revamp your current check- the-box account planning process?

Let PIE work with your firm or practice to implement best-in-class account planning, including how to understand the business objectives of a client, the sea in which key clients swim, and the specific tactics that produce results. The focus is on helping you cross-sell other capabilities within a client and identifying opportunities to effectively serve clients across all their business units.  All programs are bespoke to your needs and desired outcomes with ongoing accountability. 

Why PIE Should Lead an Account Planning Program for You

Connecting the dots to build your network


  • Bolster your account management capabilities to secure and expand business.
  • Create a system of accountability for your business development leaders to ensure consistency in follow-up.
  • Learn a training mechanism that equips your teams with tools to aid in account expansion and client management capabilities.
  • Level up your team by understanding the 5Ts, or trigger events, that indicate the greatest opportunity for sales.


  • Broader relationships with key clients that protect you from loss when key buyers leave or are promoted.
  • Systematic client expansion by selling the “full inventory” of your services across the full range of business units in a client.
  • A clear strategy and action-step approach to the often-vague charge to “increase sales” with key clients.
  • Prioritization of the best new opportunities to pursue with a current client.
  • Monthly accountability that produces new revenue results.

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