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Looking to develop your next generation of rainmakers? In professional services, those who deliver the work are the best business developers, but very few practice leads have been trained in how professional services firms drive successful business development.

PIE is the leading source of business development expertise for professional services firms. Having interviewed many hundreds of rainmakers for How Clients Buy and Never Say Sell, two best-selling books on how professional services engage with clients and scope new work, we stand ready to train account teams, practices, partnerships, new partner classes, and other stakeholders on what works across the full range of professional services.

There are hundreds of sales training companies, but we know selling services is different than selling cars or computers. We are one of the only training firms exclusively focused on breaking down the challenges of driving growth at professional services firms.

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Why PIE Should Lead Your Next Training Workshop

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  • Upskill your people by understanding the trigger events that indicate the greatest opportunity for growth.
  • Understand how state-of-the-art account produces strong and sustainable flows of new revenue.
  • Turn your best doers into accomplished sellers.
  • Enhance the readiness of your people to go out and win new work by understanding How Clients Buy.
  • Bolster the effectiveness of your team’s cross-selling capabilities through an exploration of the principles outlined in Never Say Sell to scale opportunities with existing clients.
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  • New revenue. When teams learn how to farm and hunt growth in professional services business development revenue goes up.
  • A knowledge of what works in other professional services verticals, not just yours, enabling your team to borrow brilliance from sister industries.
  • Accountability systems that lock in learnings, revise habits, and produce results.
  • A trained team that is better able to derive value from other business development investments like peer communities, conferences, and 1:1 meetings.
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