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Advisory Board Management

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A trusted accountability partner

Are you looking to expand relationships with your best clients? Have you considered building a client advisory board—CAB—to leverage your top clients’ insights and influence? Let PIE build and manage a CAB for your leadership team.

We will partner with you to define strategy and goals, construct a steering committee, and engage with your key clients through pre-interviews, meeting and workshop facilitation, and continuous feedback. We will develop insight-to-action reports and manage accountability within the firm around follow-up and next steps.

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PIE: Your Advisory Board Partner

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  • A way to deepen relationships with key clients and insure against client loss.
  • A chance to validate and get feedback on your strategy and go-to-market initiatives.
  • The ability to partner with clients to co-create new service lines and develop case studies.
  • A chance to hear what your competitors are saying in your market.
  • Early feedback loop to help guide your offerings.
  • Add value to your most important clients by giving them access to their direct peers through a forum where they can discuss best practices.
  • Insight into changing markets, providing visibility into potential gaps or opportunities in competitive markets.
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  • Client-centric strategy and go-to-market initiatives.
  • The ability to be first-to-market with new, needed service lines.
  • The ability to go to market with a proven service line developed with a trusted partner.
  • New cross-selling revenues. Our clients report that when they systematically engage with senior executives in key clients via advisory boards, they sell more of their services to a wider range of buyers in the client.
  • Fast, reliable feedback on the firm’s performance.
  • Reduced client loss.
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