Renee Storm

Director of Human Resources & Administration and Partner

About Renee Storm


One of my favorite aspects of working for PIE as the Director of Human Resources is the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. At PIE, we understand that our most valuable assets are our employees, and this organization goes above and beyond to invest in their professional and personal advancement. It’s truly inspiring to be part of a team that prioritizes employee well-being and development, creating a supportive environment where individuals can thrive and reach their full potential. This dedication to nurturing talent not only benefits our employees but also contributes significantly to our overall success as an organization.


I am proud to have attained of my Master of Human Resource Management degree while working full-time and supporting the dedicated workforce at PIE. Balancing the demands of a challenging academic program with the responsibilities of my role as the Director of Human Resources has been a gratifying journey. This achievement not only signifies personal growth but also reflects the organization’s support and belief in continuous learning. It’s a testament to the culture of excellence that permeates PIE and reinforces my commitment to enhancing both my professional capabilities and the overall success of our dynamic workforce.

My Book Recommendation

I recommend the book “Inclusion on Purpose” by Ruchika Tulshyan as it aligns with PIE’s vision to strive to be an inclusive company full of people who are interesting, fun, smart, and inspiring. This book provides valuable insights and practical strategies for fostering a more inclusive workplace, which is essential for creating a diverse and innovative workforce. By embracing the principles outlined in “Inclusion on Purpose,” we can strengthen our commitment to building a workplace culture where every employee feels valued, empowered, and supported, ultimately driving our organization’s success and competitive advantage in a diverse world.