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Are you a private equity investor looking for a diligence report on the business development maturity of a professional services firm? A corporate development officer sizing up an acquisition? A leader eager to benchmark processes, technology, and people in your business development operation against other professional services firms?

PIE can help. Our audit team reviews processes, enabling structure, incentive systems, and technology within the business development operation. We interview a broad range of stakeholders then assess the firm’s strategic approach to business development and employed tactics. Finally, we measure and report business development KPIs and investment levels to uncover deficiencies and opportunities. We’ll write strategic business development plans to help firms achieve lean, scalable, and effective go-to-market strategies. Our audit team has developed a proprietary rubric to compare professional services business development operations across ten crucial dimensions.

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Why PIE Should Conduct a BD Audit for You

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    • Clarify and define roles and responsibilities for all members of the business development organization.
    • Assess gaps and inconsistencies in the current business development strategy.
    • Gather authentic insights from internal stakeholders.
    • Train your team on the levers for improving business development capabilities and the key performance indicators that will highlight success.
    • Benchmark your business development against peers.
    • Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Know what you are buying and gain leverage in buy-side negotiations.
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    • A roadmap to best-in-class business development.
    • A diligence report that informs investment decisions.
    • A benchmark to use when looking to measure progress over time.
    • A report that can trigger new investment and/or a refreshed business development strategy.
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