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Are you looking to use your next offsite or partner meeting to energize your team’s outlook around growth? A PIE keynote speaker will electrify and galvanize your meeting.

Tom McMakin, Jacob Parks, and Stephanie Cole have been inspiring professional services audiences for more than a decade. The individuals at PIE are thought-leaders in the world of professional services business development, having authored two best-selling, definitive books on how professional service teams build trust and credibility when engaging new clients, how they earn the right to win work, and creating effective cross-selling strategies for scaling within existing clients.

Why a PIE Leader Should be Your Next Keynote Speaker

With over 50,000 conversations, we’ve learned a thing or two


  • Listen to best practices and advice garnered from hosting over 50,000 conversations including conversations from PIE’s partnerships with the Big4, MBB, AmLaw 100 consultants, Big IT, Big Engineering, and more.
  • Deconstruct the growth puzzle and leave your audience with a concrete framework for understanding how best-in-class firms break out of their brand boundaries and grow.
  • All PIE speakers interview at least five key stakeholders in your firm before we craft our address to make sure we hit the mark.
  • Programs can include copies of How Clients Buy or Never Say Sell for continued reference.
  • Keynote presentations can include additional breakout sessions for specific learnings amongst teams or to break through silos and improve cross-functional collaboration.


  • Informed and inspired audiences.
  • A relevant professional services presentation from a speaker who understands your audiences is busy and hungry-for-knowledge.
  • An address with actionable takeaways that drive revenue.


While we will create a bespoke address for our audience, below are some common keynote topics for professional service firms:

  • Grinder, Minder, Finder: Transition from being excellent at delivery to becoming a firm rainmaker; an ideal program for new partner groups.
  • How Clients Buy: The ABC’s of how practices define their niches and build a bridge from their expertise to potential clients, highlighting learnings from How Clients Buy.
  • Never Say Sell: 80% of new revenues year-over-year come from existing clients. Learn how to land and expand and scale the diamond of opportunity as taught in Never Say Sell.
  • The Rainmaker’s Recession Playbook:  Best practices from leading firms on how to expand market share and margin during recessionary times.
  • Account Planning Basics: Design a go-to-market action plan for key accounts that drive a firm’s organic growth.


Speaker Bios

Jacob Parks

President of Strategy for PIE, Jacob Parks is the author of Never Say Sell, a guide to how professional firms expand their business with key clients. His expertise includes partner remuneration and incentive plans, account planning, trigger of engagement, and how to expand a brand to include new service offerings, new industries, or new geographies. He has led client teams for McKinsey, Accenture, and KPMG among others. He leads The PIE Professional Services CMO network and is a graduate of Gonzaga’s MBA program, having previously taught undergraduate business students. 

Stephanie Cole

President of Markets for PIE, Stephanie Cole oversees the growth of client relationships. Stephanie is an expert at account planning, talent pipelines that allow firms to scale rapidly with work-winning talent, and market segmentation to identify where firms have a right to win. Under her tenure as COO of the firm, PIE won the distinction of being named a Best Workplace for four years running. She has led client teams for IBM, Cognizant, Grant Thornton and Thomson Reuters among others. She leads PIE’s Advisory Board and is a graduate of Louisiana State’s MBA program. 

Tom McMakin

As PIE’s CEO, Tom has been the firm’s architect of its growth over the past twelve years. He is the author of three books, Bread and Butter, How Clients Buy, and Never Say Sell. He is an expert in how professional services firms drive growth using strategy, talent, and smart execution. He has had a long career in business, having served as the COO of Great Harvest Bread Co., founded Orchard Holdings, a private equity firm, and sat on more than a dozen profit and non-profit boards. He has appeared on the pages of Fast Company,  Inc Magazine,  Newsweek,  Industry Week, Business Week, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Recently, he was named as the top CEO in Montana by the state’s newspapers. He is a graduate of Oberlin College, completed executive education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and is a Goldman Sachs Scholar. 

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