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Executive Dinner Roundtables

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Foster rich conversation around the table

Interested in hosting a compelling dinner event on behalf of your firm or practice? Let PIE do all the work to get you face-to-face with clients or prospects with an event that is meaningful and memorable.

PIE powered dinner—or even breakfast or lunch—roundtables offer the opportunity to deepen relationships with clients and prospective clients through intimate, substantive discussion over the course of a few hours. Typically preceded or followed by a cocktail hour, these roundtables offer executives the chance to connect with one another while allowing your key stakeholders to deepen personal relationships. When connecting over a shared experience in person, the conversation goes deeper. These events are a strong addition to an already existing executive community and allow you to take relationships to the next level. Let us help you get the most out of an investment in client experience by PIE creating an event with lasting memories.

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Why PIE Should Facilitate Your Executive Dinners and Support Your Live Events

deliver a bespoke event with minimal effort


  • Accelerate relationship building between your account executives and current and prospective clients. Dinner roundtables give you and your potential clients a chance to not just talk shop but to share personal stories as well.
  • More human, authentic connections between your team and the peer community.
  • Builds on the trust built in virtual executive communities. Meeting in person is the next step!
  • A substance-based discussion with agendas relevant to attendees, ensuring your potential clients remember you gave them an event with high-value and time well-spent.
  • Minimize travel and workday disruption by capitalizing on areas where your clients are geographically clustered or on conferences executives are already slated to attend.
  • We manage all the logistics, invitations, follow-up, and run-of-show work, seamlessly augmenting your event team.
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  • Create deeper engagement. Build more trust. Reinforce credibility.
  • More revenue. When executives meet with your practice leads, your practice leads are more likely to convert a conversation into an engagement.
  • A memorable brand experience.
  • A clear next step with every invitee for connecting and continuing the conversation—coffee, next Thursday?
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