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Looking to put together an unforgettable experience for your clients and prospects as your next big event? Summits are a proven way to engage with clients and prospects.

PIE has been running high-attendance, high-engagement summits for the biggest names in consulting for more than two decades. The secret? Create opportunities for executives to talk with each other—time with their peers to benchmark what they are doing—in addition to hearing from your SMEs and high-priced keynote speakers.

PIE does it all, working with your team to hone the invitation list, coordinating with and drafting notes for your account leads to send invitations, following up to drive registration, interviewing executives on what they want out of the summit—this one step increases the chances of an executive not canceling at the last minute by three-fold—and organizing and facilitating the roundtable peer conversations. The PIE team pre-briefs and post-briefs key summit leadership, produces various forms of summaries depending on the audience and need, and provides day-of summit help. From testing the mics to last-minute needs, we are humble and have done it all.

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Why PIE Should be Your Summit + Conference Partner

We’ll be behind the scene while you take center stage


  • Create a sophisticated strategy around conference content and participant engagement.
  • Develop and deepen engagement with key clients and prospects.
  • Drive summit content toward your target audience’s interests.
  • Hear and understand the felt needs of your target, oft which new business is scoped.
  • Encourage open dialogue and generative conversations via third-party facilitation.
  • Manage logistics smoothly with experienced event professionals who serve as an extension of your team.
  • Develop follow-up actions with your team for clients and prospects based on learnings from interviews and roundtables.
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  • A successful summit. PIE commonly hears from participants, “That was the most valuable conference I’ve attended in a long time” or “Time well spent, put me down for next year!”
  • Strong attendance and deep engagement.
  • New opportunities based on surfaced challenges with individual executives.
  • Flawless execution. When you gather your most important clients, combine them with your most-likely buyers, and put them in front of your leadership, there is no room for mistakes.
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