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Never Say Sell

A Practical Guide to the Biggest Opportunity

Professional services firms report 80% – 90% of year-over-year revenue growth comes from expanded work with current clients, rather than net new logos. Never Say Sell reveals the strategies and secrets used by the world’s best professional service firms to do just that. Authors Tom McMakin and Jacob Parks show readers how to turn one-off clients into long-term, lucrative client relationships that not only endure, but grow.

The book provides hard-won insights into the five key areas of business development, as well as how to leverage the trust and respect gained from a first engagement to convince a static or one-off client to become a recurring one. You’ll also learn how unlocking new business from existing clients is entirely different from winning brand-new clients.

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About the Authors

Never Say Sell
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Tom McMakin

CEO & Board Member

Tom is CEO of PIE, a leading provider of business development services for consulting and professional services firms. Previously, he held leadership positions in private equity and served as the chief operating officer of Great Harvest Bread Co, a multi-unit operator of bread stores. Tom is the author of Bread and Butter, a critically-acclaimed book that describes his work at Great Harvest and how he and his team created a nationally recognized corporate learning community and culture of best practices using collaborative networks. He has appeared on the pages of Fast CompanyInc Magazine, NewsweekBusiness Week, and The Wall Street Journal and speaks widely. He is a graduate of Oberlin College and former Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon.

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Jacob Parks

President of Strategy & Board Member

Jacob Parks serves as President of Strategy, Partner, and Chair of the Board of Directors for PIE. Jacob leads the long-term strategic business plan, curating the vision for growth, expanding service offerings for clients and prospective expert service firms, and sharing perspectives through published articles and podcasts. He leads PIE’s advisory board and CMO network and guides client project teams on behalf of a variety of clients, which have included Accenture, McKinsey, KPMG, and JLL among others.  He has served as an adjunct professor of business at Montana State University, earned an MBA at Gonzaga University, and is a frequent speaker at business events.

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