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Executive Dinner Roundtable


  • Deepen and expand relationships with heads of tax in a specific industry.
  • Distinguish firm from Big 4 competitors as leader in the industry.
  • Provide in-person connection opportunities for clients across the US with both peers as well as the firm’s key leaders and subject matter experts


  • PIE recruited more than 100 senior tax executives to participate in an executive peer community.
  • In addition to monthly virtual exchanges, PIE leads 6 in-person dinner roundtable events each year for this community.
  • PIE works with the firm to determine ideal locations for regional dinner roundtables based on current and target member presence and firm priorities.
  • PIE works alongside events team to ensure logistics are perfected, such as event and room selection, menu planning, transportation, signage, gifts, and printed materials.
  • PIE interviews all participants to develop a robust and engaging agenda for the dinner roundtable.
  • PIE organizes the flow of the evening and preps all stakeholders to ensure the firm is prepared to engage confidently with clients at the event.
  • Following a cocktail hour, PIE facilitates discussion over the course of dinner allowing for valuable, in-depth conversation around topics of interest and providing space for firm SMEs to highlight their expertise and answer questions.


  • The firm engaged with current and potential clients in an intimate setting, added value by inviting appropriate subject matter experts to the discussion, and moved the needle on new or stagnant relationships.
  • Strong participation has differentiated the client from competitors; members have shared that no other Big 4 are providing meaningful avenues to connect.
  • The intimate nature of the small, in-person gatherings has allowed members to share candid feedback with the firm about their service as well as their most pressing challenges, leading on multiple occasions to actionable account follow-ups and near-term service line adjustments.
  • The firm reported higher engagement and relationship expansion with clients who attend events, which has resulted in an increase in dinner events over time. What started as 2 dinner events 2016 has grown to 6 dinner events in 2023.

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