PIE’s 2020/2021 Charitable Giving Donation

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Tiny home organized by Bozeman, MT's Griffin Place

As a Bozeman-grown company, Montana and its people, are near and dear to our hearts. That is why PIE has decided to celebrate those doing amazing things in the Gallatin Valley by awarding a Charitable Giving Donation. Starting in 2021, an internal committee of PIE employees will review nominations to determine the recipient of our annual gift. Through this process we not only get to support our neighbors in their efforts, but we get to celebrate and learn about the amazing acts of kindness that are taking place around us daily.

With that said, we are excited to announce PIE’s 2021 charitable donation recipient – HRDC’s Griffin Place. Griffin Place and HRDC provide incredibly important services and care to Bozeman, through affordable housing initiatives, a Food Resource Center, and year-round homeless shelter.

To elaborate, Griffin Place will focus on addressing the two very important concerns: hunger and homelessness. Services offered will help support families on their path to growth and stability. Griffin Place will be comprised of a year-round shelter, a resource hub for easy access to services provided by the HRDC, a community of tiny homes to help those struggling with chronic homelessness, a food resource center which will include the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Fork & Spoon restaurant, and more supportive measures.

PIE wanted to partner with an organization that truly embodies one of our core values. The value that stuck out to us the most for HRDC was PIE PACK. The following quote, written by the employee who nominated this year’s winner, resonated with the Charitable Giving Committee, and solidified our decision to award the monetary donation to HRDC’s Griffin Place. As stated by our Packmate:

“PIE Pack – a value that’s really about community. But this initiative should push us to think about ourselves as being part of a larger Pack or Community – the Gallatin Valley Pack, if you will, and do our part to support those who need our help. I also feel like this organization has proven to get shit done. I always think it’s prudent to put donation dollars toward an organization that you know will spend them well, and this organization has a reputation in the community for doing that.”